User Checklist

Before your experiment begins:

Site Access: Be sure that all new team members register with the APS far in advance of their initial visit. Non- US citizens must allow additional time for clearance by the Department of Energy (4-6 week minimum lead time). Experimenters who have visited Argonne in another capacity still need to register specifically with the APS.

Submit your technical request form to your designated local beamline scientist as requested.

Submit the Experimental Safety Approval Form (ESAF) at least one week - preferably two weeks in advance of your arrival listing all experiments, materials and participating staff ONLY. Under no circumstances is an unapproved experiment to be conducted.  Failure to comply with this policy and procedure may result in the delay or termination of an experiment.

Pre-arrival shipping:  You may ship experiment supplies and/or NON-hazardous samples to:
Name of Local Contact / OR Freda Humble
9700 S. Cass Avenue, Bldg 434E
Argonne, IL  60439

*Transporting Hazardous Materials to HPCAT

On-line Remote Required Safety Training
Certain courses can be taken on-line before you arrive.  However, you will still need to go to the APS User Office and may still need additional training in order to obtain a badge/ID.

When you arrive:

Bring closed-toe shoes as no open-toe shoes are allowed in the experiment hall.  Also, bring layers to adjust for varying temperatures throughout the facility. 
New Users - Safety Training at the User Office (bldg 401, 1st flr); Badging at the Vistor's Center at the North entrance to the laboratory.
Register at HPCAT beamline  (sector 16), bldg. 434E  Argonne Campus Map
Sector Orientation at HPCAT
Laptop Policy: HPCAT has a wireless connection. Connection of any computers brought on site by Users to the HPCAT network is absolutely forbidden in order to protect the network against viruses. DO NOT plug in!

Before you leave:

Record your data (HPCAT can provide CD-R and DVD-R, but they are not guaranteed to be available. Bring your own media just in case.)
Clean-up after using any of the facilities (don't forget your food in the refrigerator).
Have your picture taken at the beamline!

Pick-up an HPCAT souvenir!

Published results from your experiments at HPCAT must be acknowledged; please see Acknowledgment page.  Please report your published work to be included on our Publication List as well as any awards or media mentions.

Thank you for your cooperation!