The HPCAT 16-BM-D beamline is dedicated to micro-x-ray diffraction (μ-XRD) and x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) research of matters under high pressure, typically contained in a diamond anvil cell (DAC). The setup is flexible for various experimental conditions including ambient, resistive heating, and cryogenic cooling environments. On-line microscope and Ruby fluorescence spectroscopy system is available for sample alignment and in-situ pressure calibration. Double-diaphragm membrane or gear box is used for remote pressure control. High-pressure powder diffraction, single crystal diffraction, and x-ray absorption spectroscopy with a micro-focused beam are established. Anomalous X-ray scattering/diffraction is readily available by the energy-tunable monochromator and waiting for case studies. The transmission-mode XAS setup can be easily integrated to the diffraction setup so that a combined XRD-XAS study can be performed. Multi-grain crystallography technique is under an active commissioning.

Phone:  (630) 252-1916

Beamline scientists:
Changyong Park
Phone: (630) 252-0477      E-mail:
Dmitry Popov
Phone: (630) 252-7106      E-mail:
Stas Sinogeikin
Phone: (630) 252-4038     E-mail:


Beamline features




Bending magnet monochromatic beam


Si (111) double crystal in pseudo-channel-cut mode

Energy range  

6-45 keV (normal), up to 60-70 keV (per request)

Beam size & focusing   optics   

4 μm (H) x 4 μm (V) FWHM (E@30 keV)
320 mm Pt-coated Si KB-type mirrors

Flux at sample position

5 x 108 photons/sec @ 30 keV

Established techniques

Micro X-ray Diffraction (µ-XRD)
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SXD)
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS)
Anomalous X-ray Scattering/Diffraction (AXS)
Multi-grain Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (commissioning)


Mar345 Image Plate (stationary)
MarCCD, Perkin-Elmer detector (per request)
Pilatus 1M (per request)

Support equipment  

On-line Ruby/Microscope system
Membrane Diaphragm or gear-box control system
Cryostats (10 K with cold-finger type; 4.2K with liquid He flow type)
External resistive heating (with remote temperature control)
Ion-chambers (for AXS measurement)


Technique highlights

-          General high-pressure X-ray diffraction
-          Single-crystal X-ray diffraction
-          X-ray absorption spectroscopy
-          Anomalous X-ray scattering/diffraction (under development)
-          Mutligrain crystallography (under development)

Beamline notes

-          Beamline overview
-          Clean-up pinholes
-          Beam focusing
-          Monochromator
-          MAR345S fast mode operation

Operation manual (available at beamline)

-          16-BM-D General User Manual
-          16-BM-D Quick Guide and Trouble Shooting
-          16-BM-D Mar 345 Image Plate Guide
-          16-BM-D SXD Measurement Guide

Data reduction and evaluation software links:

-         Dioptas (Clemens Prescher)
-         GSAS, GSAS-II
-         FullProf Suite

-         Demeter Package (Athena, Artemis, Hephaestus, etc. for XAS analysis)