The HPCAT 16BM-B beamline is dedicated to white beam x-ray diffraction and radiography researches of matters under high pressure.

The station has two major setups: a Paris-Edinburgh cell (PEC) for samples requiring a large scattering volume, especially, for the high-temperature melt and amorphous structure, and Micro-focused white beam Laue diffraction optimized for high pressure.


Phone:  (630) 252-1916

Beamline scientists:
Yoshio Kono (PEC)
Phone: (630) 252-4078     E-mail:
Dmitry Popov (Laue)
Phone: (630) 252-7106      E-mail:
Ross Hrubiak                      
Phone: (630) 252-2264     E-mail:

Major BM-B features:




Bending magnet


channel-cut Si-111

Energy Range  

White beam
For Laue: 7-100 keV for focused beam
For PEC, 20-65 keV for focused beam; 20-120 keV for parallel beam

Beam Size and Focusing   Optics  

For Laue: 2.3 μm(H) x 2.3 μm(V) FWHM with 100+200 mm KB mirror
For PEC: 10 μm(H) x 10 μm(V) FWHM with 200+200 mm KB mirror
50 μm x 50 μm to 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm for parallel beam (slit)

Established Techniques  

Liquid Viscosity Measurement
Multi-Angle Energy Dispersive X-ray Diffraction
Ultrasonic Elastic Wave Velocity Measurement
White Beam Radiography
Micro White Beam Laue Diffraction


 Ge Solid State Detector, Perkin Elmer Area Detector

Support Equipment  

Paris-Edinburgh type large volume press with resistive heating capacity (PE anvils, 8V-220A power supplier; temperature and pressure range up to 2200 K and 7 GPa)
AVT Manta Camera (G-235B)
High-speed camera (Photron SA3)
Off-line Ruby/Microscope system for DAC
Double-diaphragm (membrane) or gear-box pressure control system


Beamline techniques

Operation manual (available at beamline)

Data evaluation software

PEC Workshop 2013