HPCAT Hosted a Workshop on High-Pressure Multigrain Crystallography

A Workshop on high-pressure multigrain crystallography was held on October 28-29, 2016 at the Advanced Photon Source Conference Center and HPCAT, Argonne National Laboratory.  More than 70 participants attended this two- day workshop.   The attendees represented a diverse group of researchers at various career stages from different countries (US, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, India) and different research environments (universities, national labs, research institutions and user facilities).

The workshop purpose and goals included:

To bring scientists from multiple disciplinary fields to (1) discuss the current status of multigrain crystallography, (2) review the currently used algorithms and various experimental procedures at synchrotron facilities, and (3) identify the challenges and opportunities of multigrain crystallography in high pressure research. Both the diffraction techniques using monochromatic and polychromatic beams were discussed in this two-day forum.

The plenary sessions on the first day comprised of invited talks given by a 14 speakers, each leaders in their field, specializing in a variety of techniques.   Lively discussions and data analysis software demonstrations were held the second day for an interactive learning environment.

The organizing committee was Dmitry Popov, Guoyin Shen, Stas Sinogeikin, Przemek Dera, and Freda Humble (local administrator).