ID-D X-Ray Raman and Inelastic X-Ray Scattering

In an XRS experiment, the incident beam hits the sample, scattered x-ray is collected by spherically-bent single-crystal analyzers and focused to the solid state detector in a nearly backscattering geometry. The incident x-ray energy is scanned relative to the elastic line to determine the inelastic shift. To improve the collection efficiency, we have designed, tested and finished commissioning a 17-element analyzer array.  The array consists of three  columns of 2-inch diameter bent silicon (111) analyzers from NJ-XRSTech in a vertical Rowland circle backscattering geometry. The energy resolution of the instrument is 1.0 eV.

Using the same experimental setup of XRS, we can do an inelastic x-ray scattering experiment to get electronic band structure, excitions, plasmons, and their dispersions under high pressure.  During IXS experiments, both incident x-ray energy and scattering angle need to be scanned to obtain the dielectric function and the dynamic structure factor.