Elasticity of Iron

Experimental  Determination of the Elasticity of Iron at High Pressure
Mao, W.L., V.V. Struzhkin, A.Q.R. Baron, S. Tsutsui, C.E. Tommaseo, H.-R. Wenk, M.Y. Hu, P. Chow, W. Sturhahn, J. Shu, R.J. Hemley, D.L. Heinz, and H.-k. Mao. J.
Geophys. Res. 113, B09213 (2008)

This study presents an approach for the complete experimental characterization of the elasticity of hcp Fe under pressure. The velocity anisotropy of hcp Fe at52 GPa has a maximum near the body diagonal between the a and c axes, but with a shape closer than sigmoidal than that from the RXD-elasticity calculations. If the shape of anisotropy remains the same to inner core conditions, one can expect that the hcp Fe crystals would be aligned with their c axis in the polar direction and a axis in the equatorial direction.

(Upper) RXD image of hcp Fe at 52 GPa. (Lower) Q(hkl)/t versus H. A parabolic fit provided values for m1, m2, and m3 of 0.0013, -0.0020, and 0.0022 respectively. The error bars correspond to the 95% confidence.