The 16ID-B beamline is dedicated for high pressure micro-x-ray diffraction (µ-XRD).  The station holds two experimental tables: general purpose (GP) table and laser heating (LH) table. The two table configuration allows a wide range of experimental techniques to be incorporated with high stability for structural studies under high pressures and at various temperatures using the developed diamond anvil cell techniques, such as double sided laser heating, external heating, cryogenic cooling, etc.

Phone:  (630) 252-1716


Beamline scientists:
Yue Meng
Phone:  (630) 252-0483     E-mail:
Stanislav (Stas) Sinogeikin
Phone: (630) 252-4038      E-mail:
Jesse Smith
Phone: (630) 252-4017       E-mail:

Major ID-B features:

Feature Description
Source One of two (downstream) Type A dual undulators in canted mode
Monochromator Pairs of Si crystals (111), (220), and (311); front crystals are LN cooled
Energy Range 13-42 keV
Beam Size and Focusing Optics ~4x5 um2 with 200 mm KB mirrors, ~3x6 um2 with 320 mm KB mirrors
Flux at Sample Position
>5 x 1011 photons/second  at 30 keV, >3 x 1012 at 20 keV with 320 mm KB mirrors
Established Techniques Micro XRD angle-dispersive X-ray diffraction (powder and single crystal) with double-sided laser heating, external heating, room temperature, and cryogenic conditions in static and time-resolved modes
Detectors MAR imaging plate, MAR CCD detectors, Pilatus 1M-F. PE flat panel
Support Equipments Mechanical , double diaphragm and piezoelectric pressure control fro static and time resolved diffraction experiments, various online cryostats, online Ruby and Raman systems, offline alignment and Ruby systems


Technique highlights (Click each technique for more details)

  • General purpose table
  • Laser heating table
  • In-situ double-sided laser heating with dynamic power modulation
  • External resistive heating, including whole cell heating (recommended on General Purpose table, cooling required if on Laser Heating table)
  • Cryogenic experiments to N2 and He temperatures
  • Special experimental setups (single crystal, etc.)
  • Online ruby or Raman system
  • Remote pressure control with mechanical gearbox, double-diaphragm, piezo-electric actuator or their combination
  • Time resolved experiments,  fast pressure-modulated or single-shot unidirectional compression-decompression experiments

Operation manual

  • 16ID-B User Manual (Updated verstion available soon)

Data evaluation software

  • X-ray Helper (HPCAT)
  • Dioptase (Clemens Prescher, GSECARS)