Reconfiguration of the laser heating system

Reconfiguration of the laser heating system - The on-line laser heating system has been reconfigured to accommodate the modification of the high energy monochromator at the 16-ID-B beamline. Several new items have been implemented in the reconfiguration. A new pair of 320 mm long focusing mirrors have been successfully installed in February 2016, which increases on-sample flux by a factor 2.5 compared to the previous setup. Currently, the focus beamsize is about 3x5 µm2. In the next cycle, another set of focusing mirrors will be installed for a focal size of 1x2 µm2. These two sets of mirrors are switchable in operation, as required by users’ experiments (prior arrangement and scheduling is required). A new beam-stop integrated with PIN diode for measuring transmitted x-ray intensity allows on-the-fly sample mapping with integrated x-ray diffraction. (Key personnel: Yue Meng, Ross Hrubiak, Eric Rod)