HPCAT hosts area students for Science Careers in Search of Women Conference 2017 at Argonne National Laboratory

On March 16th, HPCAT hosted Chicago-area High School girls for the Science Careers in Search of Women Conference at Argonne National Laboratory. The young women attend the conference to learn about the research conducted at the laboratory, to network with professional women scientists and engineers, and to learn about careers in science and technology.  After being welcomed to HPCAT by Project Administrator Freda Humble, the students were given a presentation on the basics of high pressure science, the high pressure research conducted at HPCAT by Beamline Scientist Yue Meng. The students were then given a tour of the ID-B experiment station and held and examined a diamond anvil cell. HPCAT enjoys the opportunity to participate in S.T.E.M. outreach activities each year.