Highest Pressure Workshop, May 6, 2015

HPSR Workshop
HPSR Workshop

On May 6th, HPCAT held a special micro-workshop on highest static pressure achieved within the frame of High Pressure – Synchrotron Radiation discussion meetings.

More than 25 scientists have reviewed the historic/landmark and recent experiments in which the highest static pressure was achieved (or claimed to have been achieved) in Diamond Anvil Cells (above 300 GPa) and in large volume presses (above ~50 GPa). Special attention has been paid on the rapidly developing double-stage anvil cell techniques and developments. Extensive discussions of the next steps for achieving the highest possible static pressure in DAC and LVP have been made.

The list of speakers and topics:

  • Yoshio Kono (with contribution from Yanbin Wang): review papers claiming highest pressure reached in Large Volume Presses (including PE)
  • Stas Sinogeikin: review of the papers claiming highest pressure static experiments in DAC
  • Alex Goncharov: experience and challenges with double-stage DAC at multi-megabar pressures
  • Vitali Prakapenka: experience on reaching static pressures exceeding 5 megabar using nanopolycrystalline second stage diamonds (work with Leonid Dubrovinsky)
  • Bing Li: Reaching Mbar pressure using beveled diamond anvil cell and recent results to ~4Mbar experiment