The Carnegie Institution Service To Science Award to be given to Mr. Eric Rod


We are pleased to announce that Mr. Eric Rod is one of the two recipients of Carnegie Institution’s Service to Science Award for 2014.

Eric is the only technician at HPCAT, the Geophysical Laboratory’s facility for high pressure research located at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois. As one of the largest sectors at APS, HPCAT operates four simultaneously operational beamlines. Eric is responsible for the installations of all major equipment, monitoring protection equipment systems, and making adaptive parts for every individual experiment. There are over 500 users each year that come from all over the globe to use the beamlines for their experiments and all with various demands and requests. Eric works closely with each scientist to meet their needs in developing adaptive parts specific for their experiments.

Eric can quickly and expertly construct conceptual designs in three-dimensional figures with relevant numbers and options. For example, in order to increase the solid angle in collecting inelastic signals, Eric was instrumental in the design and fabrication of a poly-capillary device that became a flagship component of our system, keeping HPCAT at the frontier in this area. For this, Eric collaborated with beamline scientists on designs of several membrane systems and motor driven gear boxes that can fit to various types of diamond anvil cells. This pressure control technology is now widely used not only by HPCAT users, but in facilities around the world.

One beamline scientist said to Eric’s supervisor, “I am not afraid of performing challenging experiments at HPCAT because Eric is so helpful and always provides the right tools and solutions to problems in my experiments.”

Carnegie Institution is fortunate to have Eric as one of the many dedicated persons who support its scientific mission.

This award was created to recognize outstanding and/or unique contributions to science by employees who work in administration, support, and technical positions at the Carnegie Institution. Any individual employed or officially affiliated with Carnegie may nominate an eligible employee for this award. The panel that reviewed the nominations and selected this award recipient included Alan Dressler, Staff Scientist, Carnegie Observatories; Steven Farber, Staff Scientist, Department of Embryology; and Cady Canapp, Manager of Human Resources.