2013 Media Highlights

Science Shot:  Salt Under Pressure

French Tribune:  Table Salt Experiments Performed Under High Pressure Violate Existing Chemistry Rules

Science Daily: Salt under pressure is not NaCl

Phys.org:  Salty surprise: Ordinary table salt turns into 'forbidden' forms

redOrbit: Scientists Discover New Surprising Details About Table Salt

Science 2.0:  Softly Impossible: Table Salt's Bizarre Behavior at High Pressure

eScience News: Salt under pressure is not NaCl

Youtube:  Throwing out the textbook: salt surprises chemists

Student Science: Salt bends the rules of chemistry

Space Daily: Throwing out the textbook: Salt surprises chemists

CDAC:  Salt Surprises

EFree:   Superconductivity and magnetism in iron-based compounds

GL/CIW: Pressure Reveals Secret of Magnetorestrictive FeGa Alloy

Science Daily: Iron melt network helped grow Earth's core, study suggests

International Business Times:  Was Earth’s Core Formed Like A Pot Of Coffee? Researchers Unravel The Mystery Of Earth’s Neat Layers

BBC News: New ideas for how Earth core formed

Wired.co.uk:  Earth's iron core may have been squeezed through rocks

Real Clear Science:  X-Rays Force Rethink on Earth's Core

EarthSky: New idea for how Earth’s core formed

Science World Report:Network of Melted Iron Helped Create Ancient Earth's Core

R&D: Iron melt network helped grow Earth’s core

Science Newsline: Iron Melt Network Helped Grow Earth's Core, Stanford Study Suggests

redOrbit:  Earth's Core Formed As Iron Trickled Down Like Dripping Coffee

Phys.org: Iron melt network helped grow Earth's core, study suggests

CIW: Supercharged Carbon