About Us

High Pressure Collaborative Access Team (HPCAT) is a research team to advance compression science in multidisciplinary fields using synchrotron radiation. HPCAT operates Sector 16 of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) of Argonne National Laboratory, where four simultaneously operational beamlines have been established with an array of high-pressure x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy, and x-ray imaging techniques.

HPCAT project is managed by Carnegie Institution of Washington. It started in 1999, and received the first beam in the experimental hutch in late 2002, and immediately started the user operation since then. The operation of HPCAT is supported by DOE-NNSA under Award No. DE-NA0001974 and DOE-BES under Award No. DE-FG02-99ER45775, with partial instrumentation funding by NSF.

HPCAT Mission Statement:

A leading synchrotron facility optimized for advancing compression science in multidisciplinary fields